Absolutley nothing to do with real estate or vacation rentals, but I just wanted to share an experience with you.
The other evening it was liberation day here in Colombia, this means party, rumba and a great time to be had in almost every city and town across the nation. Well, after a wonderfull afternoon spent at a friends beach cabin drinking wine, eating far too much food and enjoying a conversation that covered everything from investments to Micheal Jackson my wife and I set off for the walled city here in Cartagena. What we saw along the route was something we never expected to see in a thousand years!!
I'm not sure if any of our readers are familiar with Cartagena, Colombia. Well, the airport's runway ends right at the ocean's coast line, the only division between the runway and the beach is the road from Cartagena to Baranquilla. Well, as fate would have it that evening, an Isreali jet (Colombia purchased five of them) for some reason wasn't able to take-off and blew it's way through the boundery fence, across the road and burst into flames on the beach!!
We arrived about 10 minutes after the accident, foam and god knows what else all over the place, heaps of colombian police and military already there trying to organise an almost unorganizable situation. Luck had it (for us at least) that we were using our motor scooter that evening and we were able, not without difficulty, to pass the wreckage and finally get to our destination: the old walled city of Cartagena.
We watched a fantastic firework display from one of the old balconies of the recently opened Hard Rock Cafe whilst eating a huge plate of wonderful nachos. What an evening. I never did her what happened to the pilot, but the cockpit looked ok.

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    Nicholas Webb is one of the partners of Balin Ltda a Colombian company dealing in "direct" real estate investments. Balin currently owns real estate (properties and land) in Bogotá and Cartagena. We love it here and wouldn't change, but foreigners do need to tread lightly before throwing money around buying land or property. We hope to offer a little help.


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